Crochet Top 5523 Salt n Peppa (Signature Handmade)


Salt and Pepper hand crochet bikini top.  Longer straps to play around and criss cross. One-off designed for you.

Custom one-offs made to order just for you. Fully adjustable and comfort for any size. Get’em as they are made…..Our custom sewn items goes fast!
DM your details on our instagram (style, size, color/pattern, how many rings for top and bottoms)

Baby style= no bra pads, smaller breast coverage
Tops: Lambo, Baby Lambo, Ruffle Rarri, Baby Rarri, Bolero, Wrinkles, Ring Tops 1,2, or 3, BaileyBuckle, Boxer, Ella, Twisted Tubetop, Stiletto, Luxia
Bottoms: V-bottoms, Thong, Front, Basic Triangle, Ring Bottoms 1,2, or 3

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Style: One Piece Top

Material: Polyester/acrylic
Details: Hand crocheted #bikinitop #bikini #crochet

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in



One Size Fits All